Welcome to Fire and Light Ltd

Fire and Light NZ Ltd. is a redevelopment of a business dating back to the early 1990’s. A business supplying a range of quality products for commercial, farm and domestic use. Now updated to today’s business environment, Fire and Light NZ Ltd. supplies a range of top quality brands sourced from one of New Zealand’s oldest and largest companies with a reputation built over 100 years, as well as direct from the USA.

Fire and Light NZ Ltd. stocks a large range of torches and lights from the smallest Key-Ring lights to the largest Remote Area Lighting Systems for Emergency Services. World renowned brands like Pelican and Streamlight from the USA as well as unique solutions from other companies such as Lightmaster and Firemaster. If you can imagine it, we’ve probably got it in stock!

Fire and Light NZ Ltd. supply Rescue and Safety tools and equipment, as supplied to our NZ Fire Service and other Emergency Services as well as generators and pumps.

Shorai lightweight batteries from this innovative USA company offer up to 4 x the battery life and weigh in at ¼ the weight of most sealed batteries! Environmentally safe and powerful these are a cost-effective drop-in replacement battery for motorcycle, ATV and water sports applications. Road, off-road or on the water, enjoy very light weight, superior cranking power that has to be seen to be believed and up to four times the life of lead-acid batteries.

Digital Video Camera Dive Masks from Liquid Image for snorkelling and scuba diving are an amazing new product on the market in NZ and are proving a real hit with divers around the country!

Fire and Light NZ Ltd. has inherited a long history of personal service and unmatched customer support that quickly wins the confidence of its clientele, building and maintaining relationships that last for years.

If you want top quality products at the best prices you can get and backed by those who believe the customer comes before profits, call Fire and Light NZ Ltd. today and have them delivered right to your door. Phone us on 021-173 0379 or Email us at helpdesk@fireandlight.co.nz